Performance Six Consulting

"Helping Businesses Operate at Peak Performance"
Is your Business positioned for growth?
Is your financial strategy aligned with your marketing strategy?

Are you up to speed on the latest trends and technologies in your industry?

Do you know how your business is positioned against your competitors?

Performnce Six Consulting is ready to help you develop a winning Business Strategy that fits your core competences. 

The Business Strategy Solution consists of the following modules:
  • Mission and Vision statement assessment
  • Porter’s Five Forces Assessment
  • SWOT Analysis of company and major competitors
  • Industry Sector Analysis
  • Situation Analysis
  • Review Performance Metrics
  • Internal Competencies (skills, knowledge, assets)
    • Manufacturing\services capabilities
    • Technology capabilities
    • Supply Chain capabilities


Yields to:


  1. A 3-5 year Strategic Business Plan
  2. A Clear Understanding of Investments Needs
  3. Growth Targets and Plans
  4. Profit Expectations Profile
  5. Updated Mission and Vision if Needed
  6. An Aligned and Focused Business approach
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