Performance Six Consulting

"Helping Businesses Operate at Peak Performance"


Do you understand your profitability at the customer level?

Do you have the tools to ensure customers are paying for the service level they receive and require?

Are some of your customer costing you money? 

Do your Sales Staff have the tools to properly price all cost to serve components?

Performance Six Consulting can help you ensure that all your customers delivering profits as well as ensure your Sales and Customer Service work processes are capturing all cost to serve for each customer.  Managing customers'cost to serve and pricing correctly can be the most cost effective way to improve overall business profitability

The Customer Profitaility Analysis Solution consists of the following modules:


  • Customer Portfolio Analysis
  • Understand the Availability of Cost Data and Information
  • Sales and Customer Service Work Process Review 
  • Understand the Pricing Decision Process 

Yields to:


  1.       A Customer Profitability Tool 
  2.       Improved Pricing Decision Process
  3.       Increased Profits 
  4.       A More Focused and Informed Sales Staff


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