Performance Six Consulting

"Helping Businesses Operate at Peak Performance"

How roboust is your Supply Chain?

Is your Procurement Strategy aligned with Product Demand?

Is your Supply Chain optimized to enhance your Customer Value Proposition?

Performance Six Consulting is ready to get your Supply Chain in shape.

Performance Six Supply Chain Solution consists of the following modules:

  • Procurement Strategies and Procedures assessment
  • Inbound Material Movement and Management Assessment
  • Review Customer Service levels 
  • Assess Operations Supply Planning
  • Maintenance Supply Planning
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Cost to Serve Assessment
  • Transportation Evaluation


The above modules yields to:

  1. Lower Cost of Goods Sold (cogs)
  2. More Efficient Operations
  3. Aligned Supply Chain Strategy Supporting the Business Strategy
  4. Improved Cash Flow
  5. Improved Customer Satisfication

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