Performance Six Consulting

"Helping Businesses Operate at Peak Performance"


Do you have a strong CVP?

Are you losing Market Share?

Do your Product or Service need a new makeover?

Is your advertising strategy delivering results?

Performance Six Consulting is ready to review and update your marketing strategy. The Strategic Marketing Solution consists of the following modules:


  • Product(s) assessment
  • Marketing communications plan (promotions/advertisements, etc)
  • Route to market assessment
  • Sales process review
  • Brochure/Flyer design 
  • Brand / Product Assessment in market
  • “The P6 Analysis ”; Market Research,  Industry Analysis, Situation Analysis, Internal Competences Assessment, & A Target Market Profile Development
  • Implementation /Change Management plan


Yields to:


     1. More Satisfied Customers

     2. An Effective Marketing Strategy   

     3. Increased Revenue/Sales

     4. A More Focused Sales Staff

     5. Higher Growth 

     6. Increased Market Share


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